Compiled by Andrew Jerome Yeung.

Copyright © 2012 by Dr. Jennifer Yeung.
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Special Messages to Marija


“Dear children! Thank you. You are my hope; I bless you all. You are my joy. Continue converting, and live my messages with joy.”



November 26, 1990
This message was given to Marija during the prayer group meeting on the mountain. Our Lady said She was very happy that the people had come to pray with Her.

“Dear children, I desire you to witness my presence through love.”

November 16, 1990
To Marija:
“Dear children, I thank you for you have come up here tonight to pray. Your Mother asks you to pray for peace in the world in this time. For that, I ask you to come up often and pray on the Apparition Hill, (Podbrdo), and Križevac, in order to pray for peace. I also ask you to gather your family to pray together for peace and for the salvation of the world.”

This was a very intense apparition. Afterwards, Marija said, “I felt as if Our Lady wanted to take my soul.”



December 22, 1989
“Our Lady says this Christmas should be the most beautiful Christmas of your life.”

December 21, 1989
From Marija to Father Luciano:

“Our Lady asked me to pray and offer sacrifices for priests.”