Such a blessed fruitful trip.
I did not see Mother Mary physical in Medjugorje.
I did not experience what you said about “Dancing Sun.
I did not see any miracle at all.
Simply saying, I need not bring along my brain with me in this trip. Once I was loaded at Sarajevo airport. It seemed that my mind was out of the time frame. My mind seem to be blank and all empty. I only followed what the tour guide and co-ordinators told me to do by following all the events. Let God’s will be done on me.
It is a strong booster for a lukewarm Catholic, like me.
If you are going to visit Medjugorje, please do not expect any sign; the greatest sign from God is HE has given HIS BELOVED SON to us, whom is dying on the Cross, redeeming us. Thus, if we do not believe on this, there is no point to search other sign coming up in our life.
If God let you see a sign, you can see HIS sign anywhere, no need to fly that far.
“If you knew how much I love you, you would cry to joy”. I always ponder this in my heart. Why is she saying this?
I once asked myself too, she really loves us? Show me? Show me how?
From this sentence, Mother Mary is assuming that we (human) did not know how much she has been loving us.
True, we do not know, we do not realize, we do not care the goodness she has done for us, we take it for granted, we take it as it should be that way naturally.
We focus on sadness, worries, burdens, broken hearts, hatred, anger, jealousy and money more, the time we spend on counting those is more than counting on the blessings we receive. It shows our greediness.
Thank and pray.
If we keep thanking and praying, it means we keep Jesus in our hearts, we cannot go far wrong.
Go to Medjugorje and get your own booster.
I simply treated this trip as a retreat and have a chance to soak myself into the mercy of God.
At last, I need to thank Pat, Kelvin, Glenda, Irene, Marijana (the tour guide), and Fr. Peter. Without them, my dream would never come true.

Jane Lee
(June B 2018)