I had a wonderful time and filled with blessings from Medjugorje. Thank you Jesus & Mother Mary for this invitation. No doubt that I’ll bring my husband back to Medjugorje next time.

ada-luk-2018JuneAAs you said my mind still remember the many graces & blessings we had in Medjugorje. I’m really treasure every moments there.

Talking about the nametag, of course I noticed that all our group members with a different message from our Blessed Mother. Mine is “Little children, may hope in a better tomorrow be always in your heart.” Our Lady Queen of Medjugorje Message 01/25/2015.
We are all so blessed and will try our very best to share the joy, peace, love, prayerful heart, and many blessings with our friends & family.

In fact I have shared my fruitful pilgrimage to my family & friends already upon arrival to Hong Kong. And also I remember the five stones from Medjugorje need to be followed and proceeded in my daily life.

Praise be our Lord! & God bless to everyone!

Ada Chi Yin Luk
June A 2018