Thank you for your invitation to Medjugorje

mary_mother3By Sally Fong

Dear Blessed Mother,

Thank you for your invitation to Medjugorje. With all the books and articles I read about this place, I had been hoping to come one day but never thought I would be here so soon. You have once again taught me to put everything in your hands and just ask for your help.

I have never had such a peaceful mind leaving my children for such a long time. These twelve days have been the longest but the most fruitful pilgrimage journey I ever had. As the days passed, I discovered the inner peace that we can all gain when we open our hearts to Lord Jesus and accept him.

Your messages are so gentle and humble. You always address us as ‘Dear little children’ and end with ‘Thank you for having responded to my call.’ You have shown us how to be gentle and loving to our kids as parents, and pray with them every day. I enjoy every quiet moment when I pray to God.

Although I did not experience any miraculous wonders that people described in Medjugorje, it is no longer necessary. As Jesus said, “Blessed are those who do not see and yet believe.” My faith in God has strengthened. You have opened my heart to learn how to be closer to him. Much more than ever before, I have enjoyed the Holy Mass, praying the Rosaries and participating in the Adoration. Reading the messages you gave us through the visionaries brings such an internal peace and joy. I am determined not to be fearful to live your messages and bear witness for Jesus. I understand it can be a difficult path but you have reassured me that with persistent prayer and a lot of faith, God will always be on my side.

Jesus endured all the pain and suffering to save us, and all we have to do is to say ‘Yes’ to accept him to come into our hearts. A lot of times, our hearts are occupied with materialistic spirits, egoism, pride and external beauty, and we never leave any room for God. Now that we are returning to our homes and our routine lives, there will be a lot of temptations, and Satan will take every chance to make us deviate from the path of holiness.

Blessed Mary, please help every one of us to remember and live your messages to prepare for eternity, be humble, pray a lot, accept every new day from the Lord with love and trust, and express our gratitude to him in our evening prayer for everything he gave us. Do not let our conversion stop. It is a life-time process. Our life-style serves as an example to unbelievers so that more people can get to know the positive value of Catholic faith, love, hope and truth. Help us to put God in the first place in our lives, be simple and not worry about tomorrow. Help us to try to do everything in simplicity and trust – to fulfill the will of Our Lord.

I am looking forward to return to your school of life and love.

From your loving child,

Sally Fong.
(Pilgrim, October 2010)