Mother’s Village

Mother’s Village was founded in 1993 by the late Father Slavko, during the war in the Balkans. It began operating on September 8, 1996, as an orphanage for children whose parents had died during the war.

The Village was built and maintained by pilgrims and donors from all over the world. It provides a family-like atmosphere for its occupants, who live in separate houses instead of a big institutional building. The main objective is to maintain harmony between God, man and nature, while giving witness to the love promoted by Our Lady.

Mother’s Village belongs to the Community of the Herzegovinian Franciscans and works within the sphere of the Catholic Church. This Village is a visible fruit of Medjugorje.

If your group wishes to visit the orphanage, your guide can call to reserve a date and time. A member there will brief your group with highlight information, and take you to pray at the Adoration Chapel. If you wish, arrangements can be made for your priest so celebrate Holy Mass there. Afterwards, you can visit the little shop where you can buy beautiful crafts made by the children. The funds from this source assist in upkeeping the Village.