Memorial of the Murdered Franciscans

“It is right that our offspring can witness to the bright and great deeds of their fathers who were strong in the faith, that they may take up their example, so they would be good and willing to sacrifice for the common good of their people and the entire mankind, for the holy faith and homeland, that they may be holy and courageous guardians and intercessors of religious and people’s rights.” Fr. Oton Knezović

This is a memorial for the murdered Franciscans from Medjugorje parish, killed by Yugoslavian partisans.

Franciscan priests born in Medjugorje parish and killed in 1945:

  • Jozo Bencun
  • Marko Dragićević
  • Mariofil Sivrić
  • Grgo Vasilj
  • Jenko Vasilj
  • Križan Galić was killed in 1944, in the parish house in Medjugorje (served in Medjugorje as the assistant parish priest)
  • Bernardin Smoljan was killed in Mostar in 1945 (a priest who built the cross on Cross Mountain and began construction of the new parish church).

At this place, we remember in prayer all those parishioners who were killed or who went missing in the three recent wars:

61 people were killed or were missing after the First World War. World War II took 386 lives and 10 people were killed in the last Homeland War.

At this place, we remember in prayer all of the war victims from other countries, all victims of violence, and all those who suffered in any way.


This is a place of prayer and memories that invites us all to live the Gospel, to live in peace, to forgive, and love one another.

Lord, grant eternal rest to all of the faithful departed souls!

(Source: Information Center Mir Medjugorje)