I wonder how do they know Medjugorje is the closest place to heaven on earth

heavenBy Gabriela Leong

I was laughing when some people said to me “Medjugorje is the closest place to heaven on earth”. They are still living I wonder how do they know Medjugorje is the closest place to heaven on earth. Months later, a Catholic friend of mine said that no one goes to Medjugorje unless Our Lady invites them. I received an invitation in June of 2005.

I wasn’t too excited when get on the plane to Croatia, my eyes opened wide when I reviewed the 10-day program; I was thinking “What? Mass twice a day, rosaries, 3-hour prayer? That’s what we do in heaven? God you must be kidding!” First two days, it was so exhausting to pray so much, I’d fall right to sleep at night.

It was truly a testament to the prayerfulness of the local people there. They came out as families or by themselves. Most remarkable were the young people. It was truly a blessed environment. I skipped a few talks given by visionaries; it became more of a private prayer retreat than a pilgrimage. I didn’t learn much of the history of the apparitions nor did I delve into the controversy surrounding the apparitions. All I knew was that when you came to Medjugorje, whether you wanted to at first or not, you ended up praying.

My conversion experience was one of a recommitment to a life with God through prayer. I didn’t see the sun dance or rosaries turn to gold. I didn’t see visions, much less visionaries. The only miracle was a miracle of peace and prayerfulness. I learned to simply spend time with Jesus and Mary and to allow myself to be drawn by them to the Father.

Our lady knew what I needed and what my soul longed for. And somehow, in a way I didn’t even notice at the time, she provided for me.

I would only encourage you to respond generously when your invitation comes. And I don’t just mean an invitation to Medjugorje, but an invitation to enter more deeply into the divine life with the Father.