[Source: Children of Medjugorje]

Be careful, many fake messages are invading the Internet!! A message attributed to the Blessed Mother and supposedly given to the visionary Ivan has been going around the world for years on the Internet. It concerns the news of an imminent catastrophe in Lebanon, etc. Ivan, who was asked about it by an American friend, formally denied it. Evidently, the tone of the message is absolutely not according to our Mother’s way. It sows useless panic and distracts us from what our Mother teaches us in her true messages. Another one is going around concerning France. It is fake too! Also, why would the Gospa need to give messages of this importance to some private circles (knowing that it would be widely spread a minute later on the internet!), when she can simply do it through her normal chanels, in her monthly messages of the 25th and of the 2nd?! It would be foolish!

The safest thing is to rely on the official messages published by the parish or by serious sites linked to Medjugorje, and to start living them.

The trap is to let oneself be caught by alarming news that create trouble rather than a conversion of the heart and peace. Let everyone decide this: When a message does not come from a sure source, let’s not forward it to our email contacts. A lot of trouble would be avoided thus! To go back to the source of the information and check it, is the only sure way to be certain of the truth and transmit it!