MESSAGE: “Dear children, how you hide from the love of my Immaculate Heart.  I come to you to bring my message of peace into the world.  To help me in this task, you must allow me to dwell within you, and through you, in your consecration to my Immaculate Heart.  It is only in this way you shall partake in the greatest depth to my Triumph.  When my Heart is infused into yours and yours becomes mine, you shall gain the victory of peace on earth.

My dear children, I ask of you and intention in your prayer of the Rosary that all hearts shall be opened to respond to my request for this global consecration.  I desire greatest of all, to be with you again on this day next month.  I shall come with the abundance of graces of the Holy Spirit within my heart, to prepare you for this moment of your FIAT.”  2-14-93

GUIDANCE: The foundation for the consecration is found in this magnetic desire.  This desire draws Our Lady towards us, and us towards her.  Through this attraction, the foundation is laid to continue the preparation for consecration.

The Holy Spirit, as the Spouse of Our Lady, comes from within her heart into ours.  Once Our Lady has made our hearts ripe, the Holy Spirit shall come to harvest such a holy love, for it is still her Son that she brings every heart to.

Our Lady assures us that she will come to dwell within our hearts, and with her comes the spark of the Holy spirit to make fruitful our consecration.

DIRECTION: Humility is the basis and guardian of all virtue. The Lord has promised to hear the prayers of all.  The proud he hears with a deaf ear and he  resists their petitions, but to the humble, he is liberal beyond measure.  To them He opens His hands and grants whatsoever they ask or desire.  Through our consecration we gain in this grace, for it is only in humility that we are able to fulfill and bring fruit from our pledge.  From the FIAT we make comes the foundation stones of Our Lady’s Triumph within our own heart.  Humble your soul before the Lord and expect from His hands whatever you seek.

MEDITATION: O’Immaculate Heart of Mary, have pity on me.  Enlighten my soul and make me feel and see what I am and what I merit.  Help me to find the ways of the world to be filled only with sadness, and may I find the merits of heaven in the depths of lowliness.  My Queen and my Advocate, assist me to humble my heart and soul before the glory of God.  Grant to me the grace of humility in the moment of my consecration so that I may imitate the intensity of your own FIAT.

“He hath regarded the humility of His handmaid.”  Luke 1: 48

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