MESSAGE: “My dear children, I come to call you forth in this mission for peace.  I promise to you to never leave your side.  I shall return to you on this, my Saturday each month, to prepare and teach you of your part in this divine plan of grace.

My dear ones, I call you here to complete all that I have requested.  Now is the culmination of my message of peace.  Gather together faithfully for our consecration of YES to God Father on my feast day in March.  In this consecration, I will be given the avenue to make your desires to help this mission possible.  Come together under the guidance of my heart and my chosen shepherds. I shall plant within you the seed of holiness from which shall grow grace and virtue.”   1-9-93

GUIDANCE: The central purpose of the consecration is to create a union.  Our Lady will give a special grace to instill this union.  It is very necessary that we prepare our souls to receive this holy grace, otherwise we are left with only a part of what she had intended to bestow.  This grace cannot be manifested in the perfection it was intended if the soul has not prepared the vessel to receive it in.  The soul will receive only the level of graces it is prepared to receive.

The soul must then acknowledge the purpose for which Our Lady brings this grace to us and the expectation of the fruits of this grace.  We should remember that all graces are a pure gift and are given for the purpose of glorifying God. This is the end purpose of every gift from heaven.

DIRECTION: Do not lose courage when you find that you have not yet arrived at the perfection to which you would wish.  To become discouraged by the imperfections which you desire to correct would be to give in to a great illusion of Satan.  The soul that always cherishes an ardent desire to advance in virtue, and strives continually to go forward, will, with divine assistance, obtain the perfection that can be attained in this life.  To become disheartened gives way to loss of hope in the graces obtained through the pledge of your consecration.  The promise of the consecration is the mark of the eternal bond of a pure FIAT.

MEDITATION: O’Immaculate Heart of Mary, through the interior lights infused upon my soul in its consecration through you, help me to receive and gain in grace.  May I seek continually the will of God just as you did, and to execute it without reserve. I give of myself totally to be deprived of all earthly attachments, to suffer the cross which I embrace with passion, to stand at your side in battle array, and to defend the Triumph of your Immaculate Heart.

“Who having joy set before him, endured the cross.”  Heb 12: 2

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