MESSAGE: “My children, bring your hearts together as one.  Remember the purpose in your answer to my call—to honor, love and serve the Trinity, three in one.

I love you all and desire only goodness and joy to become you.  Much shall come to fulfillment with the passing of this day.  Prepare yourselves for battle—the final battle for harmony and peace.  Stand strong, stand whole in unity, stand upon the promise of global peace.  It is assured by the Almighty Father.

The Consecration has been given and accepted; the conversion He awaits.  He longs to possess each heart and to fill every soul with His kingdom.

Take my hand, fear not, run with me, hesitate not, thrust your entire being into the heart of his mission.  I desire your response to the call to conversion.  Dear children, this means not only to be consumed yourself, but to share this spark of love.  Unity cannot be created by oneself, but by reaching for the hearts of those around you, and by grasping the heart that reaches to yours.  Conversion is found in you by the reflection of Him.”   12-31-92

GUIDANCE: It is acknowledged by the soul that, in making the consecration, certain graces of petition, intercession, guidance and direction are given from Our Lady, but it is also important to understand what she is asking of us in return.  We should remember this cannot ever become a one-sided relationship; it is a sharing on both sides.  We cannot move forward without the knowledge of what is desired by God as the end result.  Our Lady asks us to advance in holiness, but it is by her hand that we are given the way to accomplish this.

DIRECTION: It is true that whatever good we do comes from God and, without His grace, we cannot even pronounce His name.  Understanding that we depend entirely on grace, God commands us to perform our part and to cooperate with Him in the work of salvation.  Many desire to become saints, but wish that God would do all the work and that He bring them to eternal glory without labor or inconvenience to them.  But this is impossible.  The divine law of God states that it is a burden carried by two, to show that His divine hand and our cooperation are indispensably necessary to create sanctity in the soul.  In carrying this burden merits everlasting happiness.  For this, we must sometimes subject our own will to violence, thus crushing what obstructs holiness.

MEDITATION: O’Immaculate Heart of Mary, trusting in the infinite mercy of God, I pray with a firm confidence to love you with my whole heart.  I see  that the graces I receive, the light, the desires, and the goodwill which God gives to me, are the fruits of your intercession.  Dear Mother, continue to intercede for this child and pray for my sanctification with me, until my whole being shall be as God wishes.  I pray that my consecration through you to Jesus shall be without reserve.  I pray that my firm hope may be soon realized.

“So let your light shine before men, that they may see your works and glorify your Father who is in heaven.”  Matt 5: 16

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