MESSAGE: “My Angel, I wish to ask of my children before they begin their Act of Consecration, before the first word of the pledge of their hearts, that they should examine their interior motive.  This union of our hearts is made from the pure gift of love.  If this is not found to be the motive, the soul must stop, recollect itself and begin only when it is overwhelmed by love for my Immaculate Heart.”

Mother our consecration is an act of love for you only?

“This is a true Act of Consecration.  An exchange of hearts is a total abandonment to the love of me, and my love for you.  Love is God Father’s only gift; from love comes everything else.  You cannot flourish in this act without the foundation of love.”

I understand Mother.

“My Angel, with this embedded in the center of your heart, I am able to draw each heart along its path to my Son.”

Mother do you desire the soul to move toward you only for this reason?

“Yes my angel, I begin today to prepare the attitude of the hearts to be consecrated.”

I remember.  3-15-93

GUIDANCE: The entire purpose of all is to bring each soul back to its original intended state as sinless before God, as He created them to be from the beginning.  If the entire focus of heaven is to bring the soul back into the perfection for which it was created, the consecration must be realized as an act for the same purpose.  God Father’s beginning plan of sending His Son upon the earth was to bring all souls back to the original intended state, then every act that either one would ask would be for the same reason.

The consecration, therefore, would contain all the redeeming qualities that would be present within Our Lady.  It is an avenue that allows her to fulfill her role as co-redemptrix, and in union with Jesus, she brings His redeeming qualities in the true purpose of the consecration.

DIRECTION: In all our actions to please God, we shall find these marks that we may know whether they have been done truly for God alone: First, if when your task has not been successful, you are not disturbed, but remain as tranquil as if you had attained your goal.

Second, you rejoice in the good done by others, as if it had been done by yourself.  The soul who seeks nothing but the divine will of God, cares not whether it is promoted by another or by oneself.

Third, is not to desire one task more than another, but to be content with whatever is given.

Fourth, in your good works you do not desire thanks or recognition, but to remain, even when maltreated, in the same tranquility of mind, satisfied that you have given joy to God.

Fifth, you shall leave your task at a moments notice into the care of another, disturbing not your peace.  It is by these guidelines we are able to give peace to our soul and bring the most glory to God.

O’Immaculate Heart of Mary, grant to my soul in its consecration through you, the graces to remain in peace and tranquility in all my actions.  Allow not my own desires to cloud the riches of their harvest.  I pray to never seek my own end in my tasks but to bring your Triumph to its fulfillment.  Give to my soul the grace to accept my task and to complete it from love for Him.  In my YES, may I give to Him all my past, present, and future, joys and sorrows, prayers and sacrifices, all that I am and all the Father shall mold me to become.

“To them that love God, all things work together unto good.”  Romans 8:38

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