MESSAGE: “My Angel, I have said to you to bring acknowledgement to the consecration to my Immaculate Heart in all ways.  I desire to protect and guide all those who work diligently for this call.  It is these souls who win great favor in the eyes of God.

Allow me to help you to contemplate the magnitude of God Father’s wish.  It is His desire to have all hearts joined to His, through mine – for it is my heart in which He came to them.  It is His love for me that creates this grace for all souls.

He desires greatly to share the wealth of heaven with all souls, and it is by this merit that He desires to share my heart with them also.

Time runs short my angel, call all together to be prepared for heaven’s great gift of the consecration to my Immaculate Heart.  Come together so that I may teach all of its importance, and bestow my grace upon the leaders that they will contain the gift of my heart and the power of the Holy Spirit.  That through these gifts they shall evangelize the multitudes, and we, together, may fulfill this most ardent wish of God.

I tell you dear angel, I solemnly request you give your complete devotion and attention to this matter.”  9-23-93

GUIDANCE: In a word, we know that the apostles for these times shall be true disciples of Christ.  They come to teach the message of the gospel in all its truth, with no compromises.  We shall give the narrow way of pure truth, according to the gospel, and not the misrepresentation of the world.  They shall carry on their shoulders the cross, and the rosary in their hands.  Embedded in their hearts is the name of Mary and the reflection of Christ in their eyes.  This is a great army she is harvesting, but it is Our Lady who, by the request of God Father, shall fashion them for the purpose of creating unity by divine grace, through the consecration to her Immaculate Heart.

DIRECTION: Those who shall feel the call of this mission shall find that a flame burns so bright within their hearts,  that nothing can extinguish it, and nothing can soothe it except the warmth and embrace of Our Lady’s heart.  We are chosen to be in her service for the most important battle of all times.  The battle has begun, the signs are evident within the world.  In each day, we continue to fight for its victory.  Through the gift of the cross we shall be strengthened and fortified by its weight.  In the end, we too shall be filled with rejoicing at the moment of resurrection.

When the race is run, and we bow down to receive the crown of victory, we shall find the light that guided our way was the Heart of Our Mother.  She graciously directed our soul down a path that no man could know the pitfalls nor snares laid before us; only she knows and sees.  Our consecration is our guarantee of victory in the end.

MEDITATION: O’Immaculate Heart of Mary, gather us into your mantle of protection, your maternal embrace – into the refuge of your Immaculate Heart.  Help me to know my place in God’s divine plan.

“I came into the world for this: to bear witness to the truth; and all who are on my side of truth listen to my voice.”  John 18:37

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