MESSAGE: “My angel, look to the opportunities granted to you in the world today, to spread the call to the consecration to my Immaculate Heart.  Do not allow one to escape you.  So many today wait to receive and come to grow in this call.  This I tell you, is the call to holiness in these days – it is the grace of renewal and transformation both personally and for the world.

My Triumph shall be felt both internally and externally in the Church.  The restoration of the truth of my Son’s message of salvation is coming, and no corner of the globe shall be left untouched by its grace and justice.

Seek to remind and enlighten all those who presently belong to this mission, to the importance and the urgency I place on its fulfillment.  Have no moment of hesitation as to how all will come to be, but only listen carefully and respond immediately, to all that is asked now.  I assure you the earth shall tremble at the power to be released by heaven upon it.

Very soon shall the clash of battle be seen in the streets and the sky.  No heart shall remain alone, they shall all be taken in either by my Immaculate Heart or the grasp of Satan – here are the two true choices; the soul shall be protected by grace or snatched up by evil.

Ponder this seriously, all that hear my heart.”  9-22-93

GUIDANCE: God wishes that His mother may be more known and loved.  All her children will know her grandeur and will consecrate their hearts to her.  They will experience her goodness and maternal embrace; her mercies of which she is filled, and the need they have of her help.  They shall come to have recourse to her in all things.  Her co-hort shall become the apostles for modern times.  They shall be ministers for the Triumph, who like a burning fire, shall enkindle the fire of divine love everywhere.  Our Lady shall pierce the hearts of the enemies with the fires of these consecrated hearts.  They shall be the clouds of thunder that fill the skies.  These hearts shall detach themselves from everything, and being distracted by nothing, shall shower upon the world the rain of truth and of Our Lady’s Immaculate Heart.  We are called to become the soldiers of this mighty army of the Triumph.  Our consecration is our unity for this final war of proportions we cannot comprehend.

DIRECTION: We shall become the true apostles of the latter times; that is, the army the Lord shall give his sword of truth to carry, shall bring the marvels of the consecration to all who wait with eager hearts. They shall be without money or possessions, and more than this without cares.  They will be found in the midst of the chosen priests to lead this force of the Holy Spirit.  They have the wings of purity and the flame for the salvation of souls and they shall go wherever the Holy Spirit shall call them.  They preach nothing but the gold of charity and bring the love of God and the tenderness of the Holy Virgin to all who desire.

MEDITATION: O’Immaculate Heart of Mary, guide me in the battle.  Make me a true apostle of your Triumph.  Place my heart amongst the ranks of your chosen co-hort, in the service of your son in a special way.  Send me forth into the world that I might gain for you even a single heart to present to God Father, as your donation of salvation. Join my consecrated heart with those you have chosen to lead this force of truth.  Help me dear Mother to not waver a moment, but to stand strong, convicted and committed to your Triumph.

“Then an angel appeared to him coming from heaven to give him strength.”  Luke 22:43

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