MESSAGE: “My angel, I ask you to renew your consecration to me in a most special way.  On the day of the Annunciation.  I ask that all my children be joined to me on this day.  Come together and be consecrated to my Immaculate Heart.  You do not perceive how much grace is held for you there.  I long to carry you all in my maternal arms and to present you to God Father in heaven.  I present you to my Jesus—your truth, your life and the way of eternal life in heaven.

I come to the world in such fullness because of the deceptions and evil it is influenced by. I desire to lead you to the fullness of the Gospel message. So it is by this means you shall pattern your lives, and will gain the crown of heaven.  I warn you dear angel, the world shall succumb to dark times of great tribulations.  I plead to you all to become intertwined with my Immaculate Heart so I may protect and guide you through such bleakness.  I assure you, you do not know how difficult it is for you, dear children, to escape the snares of evil that Satan prepares for you.  His seductions have become so alluring and subtle that only through the joining of our hearts, shall you be saved from them.

It shall become clearer in each day that the flock who are consecrated to my heart and carried by my arms in these final times, shall be those who are faithful to the Gospel message, the Vicar of Christ, adore my Son’s presence in the Eucharist: these shall be enclosed in the folds of my mantle by the Consecration to My Immaculate Heart.

It is in this way I desire to lead you to glorification of the Most Holy Trinity.  You shall find passage through the door of my heart, and by this means shall you spread the light of divine splendor. When this light you shall contain is spread throughout the earth and my part to usher in this light is fulfilled, my Jesus shall claim the Reign of His Sacred Heart and restore His Kingdom.

Through your smallest effort shall you spill forth this glory, and so it remains within your hands, the Triumph and proclamation of our two hearts among mankind.”  10-17-92

GUIDANCE: Preparation for the consecration gives to the soul a foundation to receive an exceptional grace, for before God can bestow a grace upon the soul, it must first be prepared to receive it.  The preparation is an act of purifying the soul, and this act of preparation must be completed on a level that relates to the amount of grace that shall be given by God.

This Act of Consecration is a spiritual communion with Jesus through the heart of Mary, and should never be made lights.  We must make our consecration with a deep sense of the reality of grace that is contained within the act.  The preparation that precedes the act must be taken ever so seriously.  The purpose of this preparation is to give the soul a foundation to receive this great grace.  Our Lady says that before God may bestow a grace in its fullness upon the soul, it must first be prepared to receive it.

DIRECTION: An ardent desire for perfection in the soul is the first state we should seek in ourselves.  It is the means by which to acquire sanctity.  Our consecration to the Immaculate Heart of Mary gains perfection in our soul. We shall make progress in virtue, and aspire to the highest degree of holiness first, through our won desire of attaining it.  Holy desires are the blessed wings with which we shall burst through every worldly tie.  By this means we are able to fly to the heights of perfection, where we will find a peace the world cannot give.

MEDITATION: O’Immaculate Heart of Mary, help me to open my soul in order to receive the immense grace God desires to bestow upon me.  May I prepare with the full realization of the precious gift my soul shall receive; that I give myself in sincerity, humility and purity, to obtain what God deems to extend to me, by no merits I contain.
This is the will of God—your sanctification.”  1 Thes 4: 3

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