MESSAGE: “Dear children, the greatest gift you shall ever give to me is your consecration to my Immaculate Heart; it is through this gift from you that I am able to then bestow this gift upon my Son.

To say YES to God is the answer to all your prayers, for when you speak this word in total sincerity, it shall become against your nature to ask “why” of His holy will.  Your response should remain “how”, and then God is able to reveal the solution to every problem.

To imitate my Immaculate Heart is to follow His holy will and to desire to fulfill every wish of His Sacred Heart.  To reflect my heart is to become filled in grace, to practice virtue, and remain in the state of purity.

Give your heart to me and I shall promise to it, all the graces God has bestowed upon me.  This means also, to leave your heart in my eternal care.  The YES God desires is the YES of eternity, therefore my children, it must be renewed in everyday.  Go now, tell all of the gift I wish to invite them to receive.  9-8-93

GUIDANCE: We must remember to leave our hearts in the maternal care of our Mother.  We know not the magnitude of her victorious Immaculate Heart.  We are invited to a celebration of incredible proportions; a conquest of hearts with a dimension we cannot fathom.

This coalition formed between the Immaculate Heart of Mary and our heart is one that brings both rejoicing and tribulation.  Our Lady asks much of the soul that carries alliance with her.  Through us, we shall bring fulfillment to the requests of God Father.  We must begin to ask “how” in all that He shall ask.  In our consecration, we discard the need to ask “why” of Him.  It is the depth of our sincerity that allows us to open our hearts more to comprehend God’s holy will.  We should resign ourselves with joy to become the reflection of this majestic heart.

DIRECTION: Console yourself in suffering the trials of your consecration.  In the hope of paradise, let us accept our crosses with patience so that our sufferings may be meritorious.  To gain heaven all labor on earth is small.  It would be little to suffer all the pains of this earth for the enjoyment of a single moment in heaven.  How much more would we embrace the crosses that God sends to us knowing the short sufferings here shall gain for us an eternity of bliss.  We should not feel sadness, but consolation of spirit, when God sends us trials here below.  They who pass to eternity with greatest merits shall receive the greatest reward.  On this account, the Lord sends to us tribulation.  Virtues which are the fountains of merit are practiced only by acts.  They who have the most frequent occasions of trials make the most acts of patience; they who are insulted, have the greater opportunity to practice humility.  Blessed is the soul who suffers affliction with peace, for they shall, by these merits, receive the crown of glory.  They are the souls who shall gain the scepter of virtue and the wreath of purity.

The Triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary warrants all the merits of heaven, for it shall truly bring the trials to gain in grace.

MEDITATION: O’Immaculate Heart of Mary, I pray to withstand the trials with which God shall test my love.  May the merits of heaven remain embedded in my mind and the flame of sacred love allow my soul to pursue the eternal glory of heaven.  Send your angels dear Mother, to protect and harvest this consecrated heart.  I abandon myself in your sympathetic care.  I wish only to be your child.  Guard my spirit with your mantle of protection.  Help me Blessed Virgin to seek recourse and refuge in thee.

“The sufferings of this time are not worthy to be compared with the glory to come.”  Romans 8:18

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