MESSAGE: “My angel, I come to assure your heart of the intention and direction of my petition placed upon you.  Dear one, the call I ask to be shared, is one not by my title, nor by my geographical area, for it is my only mission in these days to bring al hearts into union, and to lead them into the embrace of my Son, through their consecration to my Immaculate Heart; and its origin is from heaven above.  I shall grant all to fulfill this effort, but I need also your hearts.  I desire you to place before my children, the call to be one under the banner of my Immaculate Heart and its Triumph.  Come together now as I have requested, for you know not the global impact of my heart upon the world in these days.  Please accept the grace I so long to bestow.  I am here to be your refuge.  Have no fear of this wish.”  9-7-93

GUIDANCE: Our Lady pleads to us to be consecrated to her Immaculate Heart, and to receive and live a call like never given before.  She asks us in this day, to open our hearts and to allow heaven’s grace to flow through each of our hearts.  The grave nature of her voice once again remains in the seriousness of all God desires to make known today.  This call is of a magnitude we cannot fathom.  She speaks to us of the importance of these times.  We wait on the verge of receiving grace from heaven as never before, and yet the time of grace we are presently in, is of such an extraordinary measure.

She asks that we join our hearts to her with no hesitation, reservation, or dispensation, to totally abandon them to her maternal care.  Despite all she has already given to the world in the course of the centuries, but most especially in our own lifetime, we continue to firmly believe that our hearts are held in much better care in our own embrace.

DIRECTION: We are called to seek, as well as our poor frail hearts are able, the desires of God to be completed through our consecration.  We are called to seek guidance and direction before the Blessed Sacrament.  Let us go before His divine presence to offer ourself to His holy will.  Let us contemplate the breath of heaven upon our heart and soul as given in our consecration.

To what height is our soul called to fly? We are invited into the realm of a heavenly coronation, thus we must first promise our hearts to His sacred embrace.  We must abandon our souls to be adorned both in sorrows and joys.  We are asked to lay bare our desires and resist our own will, so that we can be empty and then filled by His command. In the daily application of our consecration, we should find a growth of virtue and grace – the mark of the virgin soul belonging to His majestic touch.

MEDITATION: O’Immaculate Heart of Mary, consummate my soul in God through your maternal embrace.  Grant that through meditation, virtue may foster and lead me to an imitation of your state of grace.  Enlighten my heart in each day, to understand more deeply this divine plan of God.  Cultivate in the depths of my being a longing for truth and justice.  Raise the awareness of my soul to the heights that God has deemed for it to rest.  Encourage me, dear Mother, to belong to heaven and to remain with my feet above the touch of the world.  Amen.

“Thy word is a lamp unto my feet.”  Ps. 118:105

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