MESSAGE: “My angel, I bring to you the joy from the heart of my Son.  We rejoice in all that has been fulfilled in this time.  I ask that all remain faithful to this divine grace from heaven.  If we remain one, it shall not be possible for destruction by pride to influence God’s plan.

I come to bring the abundance of the gifts of heaven here.  God Father has sent me to bring the most precious graces to be bestowed upon the soul – the halo of purity adorned with virtue.  It is my desire to place this crown upon each and every heart who kneels before my alcove to bring me their heart.

I ask you each to become the sign of unity to all the world.  It is the everlasting sign of God, three in one.  All is possible through my hand, but if only you give to me your heart.

God shall give everything to fulfill His plan.  I must tell you, most urgently are these times.  The world awaits so soon, a transformation to the extent they cannot possibly imagine.  It is the time of the opening of heaven over the earth and the gates of hell shall be closed and removed.  It is the joining of hearts; your heart to the union of our two hearts.  I pray that you shall accept my plea of reconciliation, union and peace.  This is what you shall find in my heart waiting for you.”  9-1-93

GUIDANCE: This is the time of divine grace.  It is in our midst – to drink in deeply, the goodness of God’s mercy. A loving and wondrous Father has deemed to send us a mother.  He knows well the tenderness of her touch and caress.  Infinite in His wisdom, He has chosen to give this gift to us.  Jesus’ heart melted many times under the warmth of His Mother’s smile.  He found comfort and protection in her arms, and wisdom in her words.  How much love He shows us, in giving us these same moments; her correction in times of misdirection, a smile to share in times of joy, a tear to mingle with your own in times of sorrow.  A mother’s way of teaching, is His gift of love.  A mother’s heart to be held close to, will nurture and help along the way.  She calls us in a gentle and affectionate way to the mission of her Triumph and into the depths of Her Triumphant Immaculate Heart.  Our consecration is our YES to be placed in this service.

DIRECTION: In the consecration of our heart we are pledging a unity for all eternity.  We are also accepting the sacrifices of this mission.  It is a mission of the light of truth, so it is one that is met with disdain and distaste.  We are called to become that blinding light for all to look upon, to light the path for those in darkness.  We are to expose all that is not of truth.

We must also acknowledge that a half-hearted effort in this mission is one of little use.  This is a call to conviction – a certitude and unyielding belief in the Triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary.  In each day we must search for the assurance in our soul.

MEDITATION: O’Immaculate Heart of Mary, may I find my repose in the grandeur of your Triumph.  Accept my plea of reconciliation, unity and peace of heart and mind.  Carry this desire to God Father.  I pray that my soul become so pure, that its brilliance shall blind those of evil and grace those of similar heart.  Open my heart dear Mother, further in every day; allow it to close not even for one moment.  Unfold its depths, and expose all its hidden corners that no imperfection may be permitted to remain.  I pray for the victory within my own heart first and then, may I carry this grace into the world.

“Strengthen me O’ Lord, in this hour.”  Judith 13:9

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