MESSAGE: “To become a child of my Triumph requires a metamorphosis of the heart.  This requests an extraordinary grace to prevail in the soul – a union of divine nature.

The battle is revealed, and all must now choose which side they shall pledge their allegiance to.  There exists no area that is neutral.  If I am not allowed to possess the heart, I promise Satan shall not allow it to remain dormant; he shall own it in the moment it has denied me.

I tell you it is a truth that my Triumph shall bring about the succeeding consequences upon the world.

The world needs now more than all else, a prayer of unity; one that shall not serve the purpose first to join hands, but hearts.  It is now necessary for each child committed to this divine plan, to be joined by hearts through me.  Only in this way can all efforts be united.

Remember t his, a child’s greatest adversary is pride; it is the seed of dissention and illusion.  Time is so critical now.  I cannot express to you the importance of your sincere efforts in these days.”  8-21-93

Our perfection consists of being conformed, united, and consecrated to Jesus.  To do this, we must have the way to fulfill these requests.  If we wish to become consecrated in union with Jesus, wholly and completely, we must use the avenue to Him, designed for this specific purpose.  Since Our Lady was the soul most conformed to Jesus, it seems most natural that through her, we would be conformed the deepest to God.  The route to this most perfect union is through the consecration.  The more the soul is united to her, the deeper it is united to her Son.  It is true, the perfect consecration to God is completed in our consecration to Our Lady’s Immaculate Heart.

DIRECTION: Through our consecration, we should rejoice in the good done by all for the good of Our Lady’s Triumph.  We should recognize when we have strayed from the charity displayed by Our Lady.  Have we grieved, not because others have been successful, but because we were not as prosperous?  Do we regret the success of others deeming them unworthy, or perhaps because we find it is an obstacle to our own advancement?  Our consecration to Our Lady, helps us to advance in charity towards the good of others.  The Triumph shall come when we seek to be the example of Our Lady within the world.  Satan shall come, however, to divert his holy quest in us, by allowing us to believe it is unattainable.  We should strive in each day to remain just as we felt in the moment of the penetration of the Holy Spirit and the grace of Our Lady consuming our soul in the pledge of our FIAT.

MEDITATION: O’Immaculate Heart of Mary, help me to remain just as in the moment of consecration, and that I may seek to give the love of God by means of charity to all those whom I meet.  I desire to overcome all that Satan magnifies as faults in others.  Let me see all people as your cherished children, just as you have made me.  Root out from my soul the sins of pride, that I may not give in to the illusions and deceptions created by Satan.  I wish to seek the heart of each person for the good of your Triumph that we may be joined by the union of hearts and then through the work of our hands.  Dear Mother, your Triumph is a grace of love and unity, moved by the passion of the Holy Spirit to create a metamorphosis within my heart.  Blessed virgin, possess my heart unto yours, that it shall not know the grasp of Satan.

“We live in God, we move in God and have our being in God.” Acts 17:28

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