MESSAGE: “The heart of my mission is to bring all hearts to the state of unity.  Unity is to become one of heart – to have the single-minded focus of the imitation of my Immaculate Heart.  This is the path to holiness perfected in me by my Jesus.  I come to bring to you all created in me and taught to me.  Love all that is holy and good, and do not succumb to the thought of sin.  I tell you that to come to the deepest peace and love of God, is to give one’s life for the light of this mission.  The spirit of my Triumph is unity.  The light of my mission is peace.  The fulfillment of this divine plan of grace is conversion of heart.  This is the response I call for.”  8-10-93

GUIDANCE: Jesus chose Our Lady for His inseparable companion of His life, death, and glory, and of His power in heaven and upon the earth.  According to His majesty, He gave to her by grace, all the same rights and privileges which He possesses by nature.  It is from this union of their hearts, that she would never be given less.

It is in this heavenly union that Jesus, by His place within the Trinity, gives to Our Lady the divine graces to share of Himself completely and in equal measure.  This is the purpose of the Immaculate Conception.

DIRECTION: Find joy in your consecration, when you are humbled and treated as last; when you see yourself as an object of ridicule and regarded as foolish.  When censured, even without grounds, neither excuse yourself nor seek to be excused by others.  Do not hinder others from disclosing your faults.  When you receive any humiliation, seek not who brought it to you.  Should you discover this, be careful not to reproach them and not to show you know it.  On the contrary, in your prayers for others, include them above the rest.  Seek a humble unity with God.  Respond through the grace of your consecration to become one with the mission of Our Lady.  The Triumph of Her Immaculate Heart in you may only come when we find ourselves to be nothing, for it is then that God may lift our soul to the heights of a sacred union.

MEDIATION: O’Immaculate Heart of Mary, I petition your intercession to bring the grace of humility upon my soul; that in recognizing the greatness in which God works through me, I may be humbled in His presence.  Dear Mother, help me through times of persecution, ridicule and indignation, that I may offer the sufferings of my soul for the glory of your Triumph.  May I offer to you a single-minded focus so that this, my consecration, may become fruitful in graces of your Immaculate Heart.  In each suffering I pray to bring awareness to God’s divine plan of your Triumph, that the reign of your Son’s Sacred Heart may come to fulfillment through the consecration of every heart in unity to His through yours.

“If you be reproached for the name of Christ, you shall be blessed.”  1 Peter 4:14

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