MESSAGE: “My Angel, my Triumph’s fulfillment hangs in the balance of my children’s response.  I tell you, it shall come like the wind.  You shall not see which direction it comes from.  You cannot see how close nor far that it lingers.  You may only feel its rush and hear its call.  Be ready, my angel.”  8-3-93

GUIDANCE: Without the consecration it is impossible to join in the relationship with Our Lady and God to the degree that He has intended our souls to flourish in.  This is why those who denounce Our Lady can never be brought into the heights that God desires to give.  These graces from God are intended to be accepted within the union that He created.

The soul shall be formed in Jesus, and Jesus within it.  Because the chamber of divine sacraments is within Our Lady, where Jesus and all the elect have been formed.  This is why we pledge our consecration to Our Lady – only to establish more perfectly the consecration of our hearts to her Son.

DIRECTION: To fulfill our place in Our Lady’s Triumph we should be just as the ten virgins that wait for the arrival of the bridegroom.  We should wait with our lanterns filled with oil, the wicks trimmed, and ready for the arrival of her Triumph in a rush of
grace.  Let us stand strong in this final battle for peace in the world.  When the blows of persecution shall strike at our heels, we should remain unwavering in our example; and we should hold our sword of truth high, to light the path for those who search in darkness.  For those consecrated to her Immaculate Heart, all things are an occasion of merit and consolation.

MEDIATION: O’Immaculate Heart of Mary, help me to never contradict God’s will for my soul.  Grant that I may wait with lantern lit for the coming of your Triumph.  Dear Mother, I desire to respond to His request just as you have always done.  May the flames of love that consumed the life of my Jesus on the altar of the cross, come and take possession of my whole heart.  Grant that I may be enraptured only in your love, sigh for nothing else but to love you more.  I hope for all these things through the intercession of the Holy Virgin’s Heart.

“Place me as a seal upon your heart.”  Song of Songs 8:6

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