MESSAGE: “Dear children, shall we be one?  I ask for unity of our hearts and souls.  The tasks I send you to fulfill are of divine nature.  Yes, it is true, you shall bring help to my children in the cast.  But more than this, you shall bring fulfillment to my Triumph and the divine plan of God’s grace into the world. Look, dear children, to the heavens above you.  See, when the winds shall blow, each cloud shall move in unison.  Each cloud is carried by the wind alone. It is sent where God wills, on the breeze of heaven.  The Holy Spirit shall come upon you now in this same way.  He shall blow across your soul and it shall be carried by Him.  It shall move in unison with my heart in this way.”

Mother how shall we release our hearts in such a way?

“Through your consecration you are set free from the world and captured by me.  Go in this peace and love, and become all the Holy spirit shall move your soul to be.”  3-23-93

GUIDANCE: Our Lady will carry us from the consecration, through the Triumph, and into the Reign of the Sacred Heart: the Co-redeeming part of God’s plan.  By this means, we are brought to the final hour of grace. The purpose of her Triumph is to prepare souls to receive the redeeming grace of the Sacred Heart.

The final hour of grace is a grace that is granted to all souls in the moment before the descent of the kingdom of God upon the earth—that time when the earth has been restored to its original state.  This final hour is referred to by Our Lady as the second advent, the bringing together of their two hearts.

DIRECTION: The consecrated soul has no need of the world in its interior.  It forgets all things of earthly nature and preserves its being for God alone.  It is through the Immaculate Heart that Jesus has chosen your soul to become His.  Therefore you must consecrate each day anew to His service.  Uniting our will to the will of God is a constant resignation.  Since nothing is more dear to us than self-will, the sacrifice that God Himself continually asks of us is simply this gift of our own will. Nothing else that we can offer to God can content Him, as long as we reserve our own will.  Happy is the soul whose self- will is dead and the will of God burns brightly.

MEDITATION: O’Immaculate Heart of Mary, permit my soul to be conducted in the way in which God leads it.  I beg you dear mother to make known to me what is most pleasing to God.  Help my soul to be resigned to His divine will so that I may bring the sacrifice of my personal will, as a token of my unity to His.  May my soul blow in unison with the desires of the Holy spirit so that I may be led only to places He destines.

“Let it be done to me according to thy word.”  Luke 1: 32

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