MESSAGE: “Dear children, I wait upon the response of your hearts in a most precious way.  I can to them, through my Immaculate Heart, to become my children.  Your hearts are the joy of my times to come— to be with you each in this extraordinary union.  I tell you dear children, I call you into this sacred refuge to guide and protect you for the times near ahead.  Please listen to, and receive my heart in this way, for I have only one wish; this wish is to bring you to sanctification and that your holiness is the greatest desire of
God in heaven.”

Mother tell us what you need most in these days from us.

“My angel, I need and request only an open heart.  Pray for this above all else, and all can be and shall be, bestowed upon each soul.  Dear children, come to your mother and allow my Triumph to fill your hopes and wishes.”

GUIDANCE: God the Son chose to be enclosed in the womb of a humble handmaid.  He brought forth His glory in this hidden place of splendor.  He glorified His Father, and gave His majesty in this veiled conception.  He gave His life into her care from His birth; through His thirty concealed years and even to her, He joined His suffering of the Cross.  It was she that bore Him, nurtured Him, supported Him and then sacrificed Him for us.  He began His ministry by her humble request at Cana. The Holy Spirit chose to make use of the womb of a humble handmaid, though He had no need of her to bring His fruitfulness into fulfillment.  However, by conceiving in her and by her, Jesus, a mystery of grace unknown to the most learned happened.  If God has chosen to come to the world through this means, who are we to deserve or even ask for a better or different route back to Him?  It was through the Immaculate Heart of Mary that the drops of blood were squeezed from, to create the conception of Jesus from her heart, into her womb.  Here, we are requested to do the same once more; to open our hearts and allow Jesus to be spiritually conceived within our hearts, and then, into our being.

DIRECTION: God deemed to create a fountain of graces within the heart of Our Lady.  From there, He desires to pour forth these graces upon all, from the chambers of her heart.  He invites us to pay homage to Him, in the way He desires most, by devotion to His Mother’s most holy heart.  God asks for the consecration to the Heart of Mary.  Our Lady takes nothing to herself, she wishes only that all the desires of God Father come to fulfillment.  She wants to bring unity to the world in a divine way.  Our Lady calls us to be joined through her, to Jesus, and to every other heart that comes together in the midst of this bond.  This is a divine work of  grace that shall be seen in the end, as the hand of God.  He sends His Mother among us today, to prepare us for a time we cannot anticipate.  She comes with a message to unfold and advise us personally, as to the requests of our Father in heaven.  He gave to us His Mother, that we could know the same gentle touch; and that she would lead us by the hand into His sacred embrace.  For there is no touch like that of a mother for her child.

MEDITATION: O’Immaculate Heart of Mary, guide us in this battle for the fulfillment of your Triumph.  May all of mankind be joined together for all eternity in the depths of your Triumphant Immaculate Heart.  Let us pass through the portal of heaven into the Sacred Heart of your Son.  Create in me, a heart of purity adorned in virtue.  Strengthen me in trials, surround my soul with your warmth, and join your smile to mine in times of rejoicing.  Take my heart dear Mother, make it unto thine.

“And now, my children, listen to me, listen to instruction and learn to be wise.”  Prov 8: 32-33

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