MESSAGE: “Remember this my dear angel, true devotion to my Immaculate Heart is interior, that is it comes only from within your heart and is cultivated in the soul.  In the perfection of the consecration is a childlike confidence in me, your Mother.

This confidence makes your soul seek all recourse in my Immaculate Heart with much simplicity, trust and tenderness.  You shall implore me at all times, in all places and above all things—in your doubts that you may be enlightened, in your wanderings that you may be brought back onto the correct path, in your temptations that you may be supported, in your weakness that you may be strengthened, in every fall that I  may lift you up, in each discouragement that I may console you, in the crosses, toils, and tribulations of life that I may embrace you with courage to accept and endure.

These moments are given through the deep love in my heart for you.  Come my dear one, gather in the grace from heaven.  Open your heart and allow the Holy spirit to fill and penetrate you fully.  Stretch out your hands and expose your heart to the desires of His majestic touch.” 3-6-93

GUIDANCE: In the center of the reign of their two hearts is the divine act of redemption.  This act is the only purpose of the joining together of their own unity.

When the Holy Spirit comes within the heart.  He comes as the divine unifier.  Thus when the attraction comes together in our own heart, the two hearts of Jesus and Mary are united and the union of them brings the act of redemption and co-redemption. This is the true purpose of the consecration.

The consecration is to prepare the heart to receive Jesus through the Holy Spirit, and in this same movement, it brings together the co-redemptive powers of Jesus and Mary.  This is what causes the soul to be fruitful.  In the unity of the two hearts comes the union with our own hearts; a very special unity of three is created.

DIRECTION: Let us understand what is meant by solitude of the heart.  It consists of expelling from the soul, every affection that is not for God alone and by seeking nothing in all our actions but to please His Sacred Heart. In essence, solitude of the heart implies that you can say with sincerity.  “myGod. I wish for you alone and for nothing else.”  We should remain detached from all things, seeking Him alone, and we will find His heart in abundance.  God cannot be sought not found if He is not known by the soul.  The heart, occupied with affections of the world, cannot reflect His divine light purely.  The soul who wishes to see God must remove the world. The soul who wishes to unite itself with God, must retire into an open heart— a heart singly focused on Him.

MEDITATION: O’Immaculate Heart of Mary, guide my heart to find only God in all things and above all things, and to rest only when it has found this solitude.  Grant that in my consecration, my heart shall seek its solitude in the quiet of His peace.  May the fire of the Holy Spirit burn all affections for the world from its depths.  O’ Mary, my Mother and my refuge, obtain for me the grace of a solitary heart.

“But when you shall pray, enter into your room, closing the door, pray to your Father in secret.”   Matt 6: 6

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