MESSAGE: “Dear children, the act of consecration to my Immaculate Heart is just as I speak it.  It is an act and not merely words.  I rejoice that your hearts are realizing this.

I tell you, your hearts are a window to your soul; the Act of Consecration opens this window. Your soul is like a prism, it is designed by God to reflect Him.  If there are impurities in this prism, it cannot reflect the glory that was intended.  To bring clarity to the soul, you must pray.  Only through prayer may all impurities be dissolved.

Look into my heart, dear ones, for when you gaze in, you shall only receive the Trinity.  I can only reflect the presence of God to you.

Listen my children, I assure you, open your hearts to receive the light of God.  Allow only Him to be reflected to you.” 7-7-92

GUIDANCE: Our Lady brings to us a call to her mission – the mission for the Triumph.  This mission begins in our consecration to her Immaculate Heart; thus we are responding to the call to holiness and the quest for peace within ourselves and within the world.

We must begin by realizing that this is a call to a personal conversion involving our own heart and soul which allows God to work in us and through us.

The Act of Consecration is exactly as Our Lady has said — it is an act.  The Act of Consecration will join our hearts through hers, to her Son, through a specially created grace.

DIRECTION: Prayer is what creates our relationship with God.  Through this means of communion.  God comes into our hearts and us into Him.  Through prayer all impurities in us may be realized, given to Him and then transformed by His grace.  To have quiet in the soul is to be filled with the presence of God.  We must first be united as one with God, then, through this unity of ourselves with Him.  He will be able to work miracles through us.

MEDITATION: O’Immaculate Heart of Mary, help me to allow the window of my soul to remain clear and open, so that all impurities may be erased and God may be magnified brilliantly and gloriously through my own conversion, consecration and witness. May I give action to the words I promise to you, dear Mother.  Open my heart that I become the sign of your Triumph to the world.

“They shall be like the angels of God in heaven.” Matt 22: 30

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