2011/01/08 MCC Retreat: “Signs of the Time”

Fr. Francis Ching

Fr. Francis Ching

Theme: “Signs of the Time” (cf. Mt 16)
Spiritual Director: Fr. Francis Ching
Date: Jan 8, 2011

(audios in Cantonese)

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Homily: (Duration: 8min: 11sec)


PART I (Duration: 1hour: 06min: 48sec)

PART II (Duration: 30min: 07sec)

PART III (Duration: 59min: 32sec)

PART IV (Duration: 28min: 12sec)


2010/03/20 MCC Lenten Retreat: “Passion of Our Lord and Our Lady”

Theme: Passion of Our Lord and Our Lady
Spiritual Director: Fr. Marco Testa

Fr. Marco Testa is a scholar with great knowledge on the Gospel, the liturgy, the Catholic doctrines, especially on the difference between Catholicism and Protestant, Buddhism. He had such a quick and logical mind that he was able to draw synergy and supporting evidences for the points he made throughout this talk. Fr. Marco rendered a powerful delivery in the two talks surrounding the Retreat topic of “Passion of Our Lord and Our Lady”. Listening to his talks gives us a better understanding on the meaning of Lent.

Part 1) Sacrifice of Our Lord

Part 2) Atonement of Reconciliation