33 Days Prayer of Consecration – Preparation for the Triumphant Victory of the Immaculate Heart of Mary (Day 14)

MESSAGE: “…My angel, prayer is the foundation in the center of the consecration.  In the union of prayer God may manifest Himself to the soul to teach and guide in a specific way.  It is by prayer that we may bring His will of us into focus.

The center of preparation for the consecration is a union of prayer.  Prayer is to be a constant communion between the soul and God.  It is what shall allow solitude to caress the soul deeply.  Pray for all things to be given to you from His hand, to unburden your heart, to bring tranquility and quiet.  When your soul has found the depths of solitude, it is then that God may write upon your heart….”  3-18-93

GUIDANCE: The purpose of the consecration is to unite ourselves inseparable to Our Lady.  She in turn, comes to unite every soul to her Son, whose purpose is to bring salvation to mankind.  All Our Lady shall do, is to bring about her donation to the mission of her Son—the plan of salvation.  Only by her part in His plan, was she designed to follow the same flow of grace that comes from Him who sends her.  In Our Lady was created the way to fulfill this plan; she was given the position of co-redemptrix.  All that she will ask, is to fulfill the purpose of God’s plan.  Our Lady’s role is indeed the fulfillment of her co-redeeming value in the whole plan of God.  The Triumph of Her Immaculate Heart is also the fulfillment of her place as co-rerdeemer.  The consecration to her heart shall lay the foundation of our soul to collaborate with the entire global plan of God.

DIRECTION: Our Lady reminds us that the soul who shall find her, shall find a life filled with grace and eternal glory. Just as she is called the “Star of the sea”, patroness to guide ships into port, so she guides our soul through her Immaculate portal to the heart of her Son.  Through her intercession, our prayers, petitions and intentions are directed towards heaven in a special way.  The power of her intercession is so great in the manner of a command, that it is impossible that they may not be heard by her Son nor shall they be rejected.  She prays continually for us, and obtains all the graces for which we petition—for her only desire is our sanctification.  Let us not neglect to have recourse in all our needs to the divine mother, who is always prepared to assist all who invoke her intercession.  To obtain salvation, it is enough to ask the aid of her prayers.  Through our consecration, we invoke her most powerful intercession, for we contain in this grace, her very own heart, intertwined with the heart of her Son.

MEDITATION: O’Immaculate Heart of Mary who contains invincible power, one that can conquer a multitude of sins; nothing can resist your power since the Savior regards it as His own.  Dear Mother who is joined to God in saving sinners, grant to my soul your great intercession now and at the hour of my death.  I place all my petitions before your feet that you may carry them into the depths of the heart of Jesus. Defend me in times of afflictions; protect me in times of despair; take pity on the miseries of my soul.  O’Holy Virgin, Mediatrix of all heavens graces, dwell within my heart.

“He that is mighty has done great things for me.”  Luke  1: 49

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33 Days Prayer of Consecration – Preparation for the Triumphant Victory of the Immaculate Heart of Mary (Day 13)

MESSAGE: “Dear children, I wait upon the response of your hearts in a most precious way.  I can to them, through my Immaculate Heart, to become my children.  Your hearts are the joy of my times to come— to be with you each in this extraordinary union.  I tell you dear children, I call you into this sacred refuge to guide and protect you for the times near ahead.  Please listen to, and receive my heart in this way, for I have only one wish; this wish is to bring you to sanctification and that your holiness is the greatest desire of
God in heaven.”

Mother tell us what you need most in these days from us.

“My angel, I need and request only an open heart.  Pray for this above all else, and all can be and shall be, bestowed upon each soul.  Dear children, come to your mother and allow my Triumph to fill your hopes and wishes.”

GUIDANCE: God the Son chose to be enclosed in the womb of a humble handmaid.  He brought forth His glory in this hidden place of splendor.  He glorified His Father, and gave His majesty in this veiled conception.  He gave His life into her care from His birth; through His thirty concealed years and even to her, He joined His suffering of the Cross.  It was she that bore Him, nurtured Him, supported Him and then sacrificed Him for us.  He began His ministry by her humble request at Cana. The Holy Spirit chose to make use of the womb of a humble handmaid, though He had no need of her to bring His fruitfulness into fulfillment.  However, by conceiving in her and by her, Jesus, a mystery of grace unknown to the most learned happened.  If God has chosen to come to the world through this means, who are we to deserve or even ask for a better or different route back to Him?  It was through the Immaculate Heart of Mary that the drops of blood were squeezed from, to create the conception of Jesus from her heart, into her womb.  Here, we are requested to do the same once more; to open our hearts and allow Jesus to be spiritually conceived within our hearts, and then, into our being.

DIRECTION: God deemed to create a fountain of graces within the heart of Our Lady.  From there, He desires to pour forth these graces upon all, from the chambers of her heart.  He invites us to pay homage to Him, in the way He desires most, by devotion to His Mother’s most holy heart.  God asks for the consecration to the Heart of Mary.  Our Lady takes nothing to herself, she wishes only that all the desires of God Father come to fulfillment.  She wants to bring unity to the world in a divine way.  Our Lady calls us to be joined through her, to Jesus, and to every other heart that comes together in the midst of this bond.  This is a divine work of  grace that shall be seen in the end, as the hand of God.  He sends His Mother among us today, to prepare us for a time we cannot anticipate.  She comes with a message to unfold and advise us personally, as to the requests of our Father in heaven.  He gave to us His Mother, that we could know the same gentle touch; and that she would lead us by the hand into His sacred embrace.  For there is no touch like that of a mother for her child.

MEDITATION: O’Immaculate Heart of Mary, guide us in this battle for the fulfillment of your Triumph.  May all of mankind be joined together for all eternity in the depths of your Triumphant Immaculate Heart.  Let us pass through the portal of heaven into the Sacred Heart of your Son.  Create in me, a heart of purity adorned in virtue.  Strengthen me in trials, surround my soul with your warmth, and join your smile to mine in times of rejoicing.  Take my heart dear Mother, make it unto thine.

“And now, my children, listen to me, listen to instruction and learn to be wise.”  Prov 8: 32-33

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33 Days Prayer of Consecration – Preparation for the Triumphant Victory of the Immaculate Heart of Mary (Day 12)

MESSAGE: “Dear children, I beg your permission to fulfill through you, the promises of my Immaculate Heart.  God Father’s gift to the world of peace remains held within the depths of my Triumph.  I desire to give to you peace interiorly first, for the reflection of peace exteriorly to the world is first nurtured in the center of the soul.

I ask you dear ones to take up your rosaries in this quest for peace.  In the unity of such prayer, God Father’s heart can only succumb to your love for me.

I ask also especially for the consecration of the youth of today.  They are my Triumph’s future.  They shall be the souls who manifest the renewal of the church for future generations.

My children, I forewarn you of the destruction of yourselves if you shall not give reparation for the evil of mankind.  Come back under the direction and guidance of the Holy Spirit.  He shall cling to your hearts in the moment of your hearts’ consecration to my Immaculate Heart.

I assure you, I come not to bring the beginning of destruction, but only to give light for the beginning of the time of divine grace and the fulfillment of my promises.  I pray you shall join your heart with mine in this divine YES
to God Father, so the Holy Spirit may overshadow your own souls.  Remain within the sight and touch of the Holy Spirit, my beloved Spouse.”  3-14-93

GUIDANCE: The purpose of Jesus’ coming upon the earth was for the salvation of souls, and Our Lady remained in complete unison with all that He did.  Her part as the co-redemptrix could never be separated.  The union between Jesus and Mary is so intense, as it was uniquely designed by God for the plan of redemption.  Every act and wish she bestows is for the fulfillment of her role as the co-redemptrix in union with her Son. Our Lady’s request for the consecration in this way is for the purpose of her union with Jesus and her co-redemptive role in the entire plan.

DIRECTION: Purity of intention consists in performing all our actions through the sole motive of pleasing God.  It is necessary to know that the good or bad intention with which an act is performed, makes the act good or bad in the sight of God.  Through the eye of the soul we understand the intention by the body we understand the action.  Our Lady asks that all our intentions be simple.  If we have no other objective than to please God, our works shall be good and shine with the light of purity. But, if our intentions are two-fold, that is if we have another motive other than this, they shall not be seen as completely pure, and they become worldly.  Holy simplicity allows no other end than the pleasure of God.  So a pure intention from our soul in our actions gives them life and shall always make them pleasing before God.  In our true and pure desire of consecration to her, we shall have this same desire toward Him.  She may then present our soul before God with this holy light.

MEDITATION: O’Immaculate Heart of Mary, grant that in this consecration I shall gain a fervent love for God through you— a strong love that will make me conquer all difficulties, a perpetual love that will never more be divided.  Through my open heart, may my desire to bring devotion to your heart be found.  Dear Mother, help me to have pure intentions in all my actions and that in holy simplicity, each of their ends may be pleasing to God with a single-minded focus on Him alone.

“I seek not my own will, but the will of Him who sent me.”  John  5: 30

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33 Days Prayer of Consecration – Preparation for the Triumphant Victory of the Immaculate Heart of Mary (Day 11)

MESSAGE: “Dear children, I ask you to place your focus in these days in preparing yourselves for the time of exceptional grace to be given to your souls.  On the Feast of My Annunciation, God Father’s grace shall fall upon you like rain from heaven.  I shall now gather together this chosen flock and place you in union with my chosen shepherds.  Bond together for the sake of my Triumph.  Know dear ones, I place my hope in you.  I entrust my heart to you—within you lies the saving grace for mankind.

Pray intensely for my Son’s Vicar; unite your heart to him in a special way.  Offer in these days all sufferings and joys as the sacrifice of yourselves for the consecration you shall pledge.

Give yourselves in the most virtuous way.  Look to the other first,
before yourself.  God Father sees all that lies within your souls; he shall reward love and mercy with His own.  He shall give justice where justice is due.

I plead to you to bring together this mighty army of my co-hort, for the battle awaits us and its beginning has only moments to be realized.

Dear ones, I am your Mother—remain my children.  Give to me your hearts for I have given to your mine.  Entrust to me all you are, for I shall mold you into what you should become.”  3-13-93

GUIDANCE: From this force our hearts become possessed.  It is this moment that Our Lady speaks of, as the moment of exchange.  When the consecration is made authentically, with true love, it is impossible for the soul not to become transformed.  So it is true when the person says to others, that in the consecration, life was transformed and really manifest true change.  This is because the powers that are brought  together in the consecration in such a perfect state and in the intense moment of grace create a transformation that takes place with such magnitude, that it can happen no other way.  God designed this to happen only in this heavenly realm of consecration.  We understand that it is actually and truly God who desires and wills that the soul complete the Act of Consecration.

DIRECTION: To place the soul in the presence of God is the foundation of spiritual life, consisting of three ways, the avoidance of sin, the practice of virtue, and union with God.  It is these three effects that the presence of God produces—it preserves the soul from sin, leads it to the practice of virtue, and moves it to unite itself to God by means of a sacred love.

In avoiding sin, there is no better means to resist temptation than to remain in the realization that God has his eyes focused on us in every moment.  If we keep ourselves always in the presence of God, realizing that He sees all our thoughts, that He hears all our words, and observes all our actions, this will preserve us from evil in our thoughts, words, and actions.

The soul that remains in His divine presence also does not seek to give pleasure to those around him, but seeks only to please God.  Thus virtue shall grow in the soul.

Finally, the soul will grow rapidly in grace through its constant unity with God.  This unity contains an infallible rule that love is always increased by the presence of the object loved.  It is these three gifts that come as the infused grace of the Holy Spirit in your consecration.

MEDITATION: O’Immaculate Heart of Mary, grant that I may love you during all at the remainder of my life and that I may become entirely yours.

Bring my heart into the presence of your Son so that the flame of my love shall ever increase.  Help my soul in the practice of virtue.  Bring desire in abundance to my heart to have strength and courage to become your presence within the world.  Mold my soul to be a mighty soldier within your co-hort, to unfold the grace of your Triumph upon the earth.  I pray dear Mother for these gifts infused by the coming of the Holy Spirit in the moment of my consecration.

“He will make her desert as a place of pleasure, and her wilderness as the garden of the Lord.  Joy and gladness shall be found therein, thanksgiving and the voice of praise.”  Is  35: 1-2

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33 Days Prayer of Consecration – Preparation for the Triumphant Victory of the Immaculate Heart of Mary (Day 10)

MESSAGE: “Remember this my dear angel, true devotion to my Immaculate Heart is interior, that is it comes only from within your heart and is cultivated in the soul.  In the perfection of the consecration is a childlike confidence in me, your Mother.

This confidence makes your soul seek all recourse in my Immaculate Heart with much simplicity, trust and tenderness.  You shall implore me at all times, in all places and above all things—in your doubts that you may be enlightened, in your wanderings that you may be brought back onto the correct path, in your temptations that you may be supported, in your weakness that you may be strengthened, in every fall that I  may lift you up, in each discouragement that I may console you, in the crosses, toils, and tribulations of life that I may embrace you with courage to accept and endure.

These moments are given through the deep love in my heart for you.  Come my dear one, gather in the grace from heaven.  Open your heart and allow the Holy spirit to fill and penetrate you fully.  Stretch out your hands and expose your heart to the desires of His majestic touch.” 3-6-93

GUIDANCE: In the center of the reign of their two hearts is the divine act of redemption.  This act is the only purpose of the joining together of their own unity.

When the Holy Spirit comes within the heart.  He comes as the divine unifier.  Thus when the attraction comes together in our own heart, the two hearts of Jesus and Mary are united and the union of them brings the act of redemption and co-redemption. This is the true purpose of the consecration.

The consecration is to prepare the heart to receive Jesus through the Holy Spirit, and in this same movement, it brings together the co-redemptive powers of Jesus and Mary.  This is what causes the soul to be fruitful.  In the unity of the two hearts comes the union with our own hearts; a very special unity of three is created.

DIRECTION: Let us understand what is meant by solitude of the heart.  It consists of expelling from the soul, every affection that is not for God alone and by seeking nothing in all our actions but to please His Sacred Heart. In essence, solitude of the heart implies that you can say with sincerity.  “myGod. I wish for you alone and for nothing else.”  We should remain detached from all things, seeking Him alone, and we will find His heart in abundance.  God cannot be sought not found if He is not known by the soul.  The heart, occupied with affections of the world, cannot reflect His divine light purely.  The soul who wishes to see God must remove the world. The soul who wishes to unite itself with God, must retire into an open heart— a heart singly focused on Him.

MEDITATION: O’Immaculate Heart of Mary, guide my heart to find only God in all things and above all things, and to rest only when it has found this solitude.  Grant that in my consecration, my heart shall seek its solitude in the quiet of His peace.  May the fire of the Holy Spirit burn all affections for the world from its depths.  O’ Mary, my Mother and my refuge, obtain for me the grace of a solitary heart.

“But when you shall pray, enter into your room, closing the door, pray to your Father in secret.”   Matt 6: 6

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33 Days Prayer of Consecration – Preparation for the Triumphant Victory of the Immaculate Heart of Mary (Day 9)

MESSAGE: “Dear children, how you hide from the love of my Immaculate Heart.  I come to you to bring my message of peace into the world.  To help me in this task, you must allow me to dwell within you, and through you, in your consecration to my Immaculate Heart.  It is only in this way you shall partake in the greatest depth to my Triumph.  When my Heart is infused into yours and yours becomes mine, you shall gain the victory of peace on earth.

My dear children, I ask of you and intention in your prayer of the Rosary that all hearts shall be opened to respond to my request for this global consecration.  I desire greatest of all, to be with you again on this day next month.  I shall come with the abundance of graces of the Holy Spirit within my heart, to prepare you for this moment of your FIAT.”  2-14-93

GUIDANCE: The foundation for the consecration is found in this magnetic desire.  This desire draws Our Lady towards us, and us towards her.  Through this attraction, the foundation is laid to continue the preparation for consecration.

The Holy Spirit, as the Spouse of Our Lady, comes from within her heart into ours.  Once Our Lady has made our hearts ripe, the Holy Spirit shall come to harvest such a holy love, for it is still her Son that she brings every heart to.

Our Lady assures us that she will come to dwell within our hearts, and with her comes the spark of the Holy spirit to make fruitful our consecration.

DIRECTION: Humility is the basis and guardian of all virtue. The Lord has promised to hear the prayers of all.  The proud he hears with a deaf ear and he  resists their petitions, but to the humble, he is liberal beyond measure.  To them He opens His hands and grants whatsoever they ask or desire.  Through our consecration we gain in this grace, for it is only in humility that we are able to fulfill and bring fruit from our pledge.  From the FIAT we make comes the foundation stones of Our Lady’s Triumph within our own heart.  Humble your soul before the Lord and expect from His hands whatever you seek.

MEDITATION: O’Immaculate Heart of Mary, have pity on me.  Enlighten my soul and make me feel and see what I am and what I merit.  Help me to find the ways of the world to be filled only with sadness, and may I find the merits of heaven in the depths of lowliness.  My Queen and my Advocate, assist me to humble my heart and soul before the glory of God.  Grant to me the grace of humility in the moment of my consecration so that I may imitate the intensity of your own FIAT.

“He hath regarded the humility of His handmaid.”  Luke 1: 48

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33 Days Prayer of Consecration – Preparation for the Triumphant Victory of the Immaculate Heart of Mary (Day 8)

MESSAGE: “My dearest children, do not abandon me.  I long to gather you in the warmth of y embrace.  Stay strong in unity.  Satan can cause no harm when we remain unified with my Jesus as our center.  I tell you, I have come to call you into conviction; the conviction of a global consecration.  I shall come to harvest from this unified consecration, my co-hort.

In the consecration to my Immaculate Heart, you give your YES to be chosen, to be placed in His service in a special way.  You are accepting the sacrifices of the Triumph.  For I shall ask much from each of you.  Humble your souls and take my hand, allow me to lead you to peace—peace in your families, peace in your homelands, and peace in the world.

Dear ones, open your hearts to me, for I desire to place my spark within you.  I can give only what you shall accept.  The more you allow the passage of my message upon your soul, the father I am allowed to carry you into the depths of understanding.  Live the words I give to you.  I give them to you to teach you and prepare your soul for the days to come.  I come to help you to transform your heart and soul into the true meaning of conversion—into the image of God.

Will you come to me?  Will you allow me to carry your heart to the Father?
This is the choice you must make without reserve.  I ask you to reflect upon the importance of this day.”   1-10-93

GUIDANCE: This Act of Consecration shall find your soul in a deep and
profound love.  This love is so consuming that is reaches toward the heart of Our Lady with such force that she is drawn to your heart.

This desire of the soul to be consecrated to Our Lady causes a certain attraction, a magnetism.  It is this attraction that brings this intense desire
of your heart to Our Lady’s attention.  Once she has found and focused upon your soul’s desire, she concentrates and intensifies this love, and the foundation for the divine exchange is formed.

DIRECTION: The soul is a garden in which useless weeds are constantly springing up.  We must, therefore, by the practice in denial of self, continually hold the shovel in our hands to uproot each one and cast them from our hearts.  Otherwise, your soul will become wild—an uncultivated waste covered with thorns.  How can this help us to cultivate our exterior sell, to perform devotions, and leave our interior as an untamed field?
It is your sell-will that brings ruin to your soul, but through your consecration, rich soil is tilled into it.  The pruning of your soul lays the foundation for the graces received in the consecration.  It is through your constant efforts that a garden of purity is created to receive the flowers of virtue in the midst of your heart.

MEDITATION: O’Immaculate Heart of Mary, draw me entirely to your Son, help me to enkindle in my heart His holy love, by which I desire to be entirely consumed.  Dear Mother, take possession of my heart, exchange it for your own, fill it with desire for all that is holy and good, enlighten it and make it ready and willing to execute the will of the Father, and, by your example, may I find sanctification. Unite yourself to me, and me to you, by a perfect love that shall never be dissolved.  Grant that my heart shall no longer be mine, but that it may be entirely God’s through the graces infused by my consecration to your Maternal Heart.

“My sister, my spouse is an enclosed garden.”   Song of Songs   4: 12

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33 Days Prayer of Consecration – Preparation for the Triumphant Victory of the Immaculate Heart of Mary (Day 7)

MESSAGE: “My dear children, I come to call you forth in this mission for peace.  I promise to you to never leave your side.  I shall return to you on this, my Saturday each month, to prepare and teach you of your part in this divine plan of grace.

My dear ones, I call you here to complete all that I have requested.  Now is the culmination of my message of peace.  Gather together faithfully for our consecration of YES to God Father on my feast day in March.  In this consecration, I will be given the avenue to make your desires to help this mission possible.  Come together under the guidance of my heart and my chosen shepherds. I shall plant within you the seed of holiness from which shall grow grace and virtue.”   1-9-93

GUIDANCE: The central purpose of the consecration is to create a union.  Our Lady will give a special grace to instill this union.  It is very necessary that we prepare our souls to receive this holy grace, otherwise we are left with only a part of what she had intended to bestow.  This grace cannot be manifested in the perfection it was intended if the soul has not prepared the vessel to receive it in.  The soul will receive only the level of graces it is prepared to receive.

The soul must then acknowledge the purpose for which Our Lady brings this grace to us and the expectation of the fruits of this grace.  We should remember that all graces are a pure gift and are given for the purpose of glorifying God. This is the end purpose of every gift from heaven.

DIRECTION: Do not lose courage when you find that you have not yet arrived at the perfection to which you would wish.  To become discouraged by the imperfections which you desire to correct would be to give in to a great illusion of Satan.  The soul that always cherishes an ardent desire to advance in virtue, and strives continually to go forward, will, with divine assistance, obtain the perfection that can be attained in this life.  To become disheartened gives way to loss of hope in the graces obtained through the pledge of your consecration.  The promise of the consecration is the mark of the eternal bond of a pure FIAT.

MEDITATION: O’Immaculate Heart of Mary, through the interior lights infused upon my soul in its consecration through you, help me to receive and gain in grace.  May I seek continually the will of God just as you did, and to execute it without reserve. I give of myself totally to be deprived of all earthly attachments, to suffer the cross which I embrace with passion, to stand at your side in battle array, and to defend the Triumph of your Immaculate Heart.

“Who having joy set before him, endured the cross.”  Heb 12: 2

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33 Days Prayer of Consecration – Preparation for the Triumphant Victory of the Immaculate Heart of Mary (Day 6)

MESSAGE: “My children, bring your hearts together as one.  Remember the purpose in your answer to my call—to honor, love and serve the Trinity, three in one.

I love you all and desire only goodness and joy to become you.  Much shall come to fulfillment with the passing of this day.  Prepare yourselves for battle—the final battle for harmony and peace.  Stand strong, stand whole in unity, stand upon the promise of global peace.  It is assured by the Almighty Father.

The Consecration has been given and accepted; the conversion He awaits.  He longs to possess each heart and to fill every soul with His kingdom.

Take my hand, fear not, run with me, hesitate not, thrust your entire being into the heart of his mission.  I desire your response to the call to conversion.  Dear children, this means not only to be consumed yourself, but to share this spark of love.  Unity cannot be created by oneself, but by reaching for the hearts of those around you, and by grasping the heart that reaches to yours.  Conversion is found in you by the reflection of Him.”   12-31-92

GUIDANCE: It is acknowledged by the soul that, in making the consecration, certain graces of petition, intercession, guidance and direction are given from Our Lady, but it is also important to understand what she is asking of us in return.  We should remember this cannot ever become a one-sided relationship; it is a sharing on both sides.  We cannot move forward without the knowledge of what is desired by God as the end result.  Our Lady asks us to advance in holiness, but it is by her hand that we are given the way to accomplish this.

DIRECTION: It is true that whatever good we do comes from God and, without His grace, we cannot even pronounce His name.  Understanding that we depend entirely on grace, God commands us to perform our part and to cooperate with Him in the work of salvation.  Many desire to become saints, but wish that God would do all the work and that He bring them to eternal glory without labor or inconvenience to them.  But this is impossible.  The divine law of God states that it is a burden carried by two, to show that His divine hand and our cooperation are indispensably necessary to create sanctity in the soul.  In carrying this burden merits everlasting happiness.  For this, we must sometimes subject our own will to violence, thus crushing what obstructs holiness.

MEDITATION: O’Immaculate Heart of Mary, trusting in the infinite mercy of God, I pray with a firm confidence to love you with my whole heart.  I see  that the graces I receive, the light, the desires, and the goodwill which God gives to me, are the fruits of your intercession.  Dear Mother, continue to intercede for this child and pray for my sanctification with me, until my whole being shall be as God wishes.  I pray that my consecration through you to Jesus shall be without reserve.  I pray that my firm hope may be soon realized.

“So let your light shine before men, that they may see your works and glorify your Father who is in heaven.”  Matt 5: 16

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33 Days Prayer of Consecration – Preparation for the Triumphant Victory of the Immaculate Heart of Mary (Day 5)

MESSAGE: “Dear children, you are awakening to the dawn of my Triumph.  I pray for your unity in the response to my call.  I give to you the choice for peace in the world.  Place into effect dear ones, the requests of my Immaculate Heart.  I await your response in the land of my greatest victory, Russia.

Spread your conversion throughout this place to answer the call of these children upon my heart.  I entrust to you the conclusion of my message of the past, to give life and effect to my words.”  12-13-92

GUIDANCE: In preparing to make the consecration, the soul must first become entirely open and the fundamental desire of love for Our Lady must be present.  This must be a pure desire, uncomplicated without any other motive except pure love for her.

Second, the soul must desire complete reconciliation with God.  This grace is granted partly within the consecration itself because it is a grace of unity.

Without reconciliation, total unity cannot be formed as the fullness of the grace given is, in effect, blocked.  Grace must be placed within the depths of the soul and it is only through reconciliation that the grace from God can be received perfectly.  As intense as the grace is given, so must the reconciliation be.

Third, solitude of the soul must be found to nurture the state of love for Our Lady.  Only in solitude may her love be manifested to the soul and the realization be given

Fourth, an awareness of Our Lady’s expectations from the soul must be gained.  It is very easy to find all our expectations of her, but we seldom allow the expectations from her to be known. We must have a clear understanding of what she expects of us.  Without this knowledge it is very difficult for the soul to fulfill the fruits of the consecration.

Let us pray for the understanding of the expectations of God, through Our Lady, to become manifested in our soul.

In our desire for perfection, we should frequently seek the most exalted virtue; to love God more than all the saints, to suffer more than
all the martyrs, to bear and to pardon all injuries, to embrace every sort of suffering for the sake of saving a single soul, and to perform acts of charity for love of others first.  These holy aspirations and desires will create in our soul the flame of virtue, and the realm of purity and simplicity. These are the cornerstones of the consecration.

MEDITATION: O’Immaculate Heart of Mary, help me to advance in perfection through desiring virtue and purity.  May I contemplate the goodness of God in my life, and open my heart to those less able to recognize His favors upon them.  Ask great pardon on my behalf for the fault of not loving and honoring your tender heart more fervently.  Dear Mother, bind and unite me to your Son, so that I may become entirely His, as He desires me to be.

“Create in me a clean heart, Oh God.”  Ps  51: 12

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