Cardinal Christoph Schoenborn

Cardinal Christoph Schoenborn

Praised Be Jesus and Mary!
Praised be Jesus Christ!

Dear Marija, dear Ivan, thank you first of all that you came. Thank you that you came again! [applause] Thank you for your service across so many years. For your work, for your service of being messengers of the Gospa [Our Lady]. You bring us children of this world, children of humanity, her love and her presence, and may God pay you back a hundred-fold for what you’re doing tirelessly.

Before we go into Adoration, I wish to tell you three things that are very deep in my heart. [I’ll speak] very shortly.

First, if I think back to the beginning of the prayer community here in Vienna, the beginning of the 80’s, in the very beginning at the Dominican Church, (I am Dominican), I remember how we were surprised that every Thursday the church was full. We were not used to that. And that people were praying for hours. There was Confession, there was Rosary. But you see, this is nearly 30 years ago, and the astonishing thing is, I can see tonight, you have never stopped praying! That is not usual. And that shows what Our Lady always says at the end of her messages, “Thank you for having responded to my call.” I can only repeat, thank you for having heard her until today, and thank you for continuing to listen to her.

The second is of our beloved icon Maria of Posch. Maria Posch is in eastern Hungary, and I was there for the Jubilee of that pilgrimage place. The original is here, the copy in Maria Posch. It’s an icon through which the Mother of God has shown her closeness through the miracle of tears. In 1697 there was the big miracle of tears because the icon cried for many days. Why did she cry? She cried about the suffering of the people. But I believe mainly because she suffers with us, she is compassionate, because she is really the mother of all of us her tears have guided many, many people back to faith, deeper into faith; and if you look everyday there are thousands of candles burning in front of her picture here in the Dom, St. Stephen’s [Cathedral]. I want to indicate something to you which is a speciality of this icon, because this icon is the indicator of the path. It is Mary indicating Jesus with her hand. She shows us the way. She shows us Jesus who said, “I am the way, the truth and the life.” She shows us Jesus. “Do what he tells you to do!” That’s what she tells at Cana, “Do what he tells you to do.”

But this icon has something very special. Normally in the icons of the Church of the East, the baby, the child Jesus, blesses with both his hands. And Mary indicates Jesus and Jesus blesses. Here, and this is very rare, here there is something else. He indicates his mother as she indicates him. He indicates her and on this icon Jesus does what he does later on the cross. He says, “Behold your mother!” Here is your mother. See your mother. I believe that this is something very special that we rarely see on icons: the love of Jesus for his mother, he shows her to us.

And the third is something funny, something amusing. I have heard so many witnesses about Medjugorje in these nearly 30 years. One thing I have to tell you because it’s kind of funny and I believe that I’m allowed to do that.

I took a train after my visit to Medjugorje. And I felt that this was a little wink from Our Lady. I sat on the train and wanted to be pious and pray the breviary. A very voluminous lady sat down next to me. She was really, really fat. And I had to really push myself to the side because she left very little space. And I was slightly annoyed, I must admit. I was not virtuous. And then she began to talk to me. I didn’t like it at all. She asked me, “Father, where are you a parish priest?” I sort of reacted in an annoyed way. She was a Roma lady from Burgland and I acted a bit annoyed, and I said, “I want to read.” And she asked again, “Hey, Father, where are you a parish priest?” And again annoyed I answered, “I am the bishop of Vienna.” And she answered, “Oh, yes, I¹m sorry. I didn’t want to disturb you.” And that made me become a bit more friendly. And then out of the sky she began to say,  “My husband was in Medjugorje.” I didn’t say anything about Medjugorje, she said it. “My husband was in Medjugorje. And he climbed up a hill where there is a big cross at the top. And he climbed back down. And since he came back he is so kind and friendly like he was never before in his life with me!” [applause]

And she said she wants to go to Medjugorje also now. Perhaps she will also be so friendly.

The Lord is in our midst truly! Truly, truly like in the times in Galilee, in Jerusalem, so real, the Risen Lord!
We want to greet him now. And in great gratitude, in great trust, we want to adore him.

[His Eminence then presided, leading the congregation in Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament.]


Watch the Sept 23, 2010 evening of prayer in Vienna, Austria with Ivan and Marija from Medjugojre at Ivan and Marija receive an apparition of the Queen of Peace in Cardinal Schoenborn’s Cathedral. The evening consisted of prayer, Mass, the apparition, and testimonies from Ivan, Marija, and others.

(Source: MaryTV’s Medjugorje Channel)