Vatican announces Commission to study Medjugorje

Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Vatican press office announces Medjugorje commission

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Vatican City, March 17, 2010 / 09:56 am (CNA/EWTN News)

Cardinal Camillo Ruini

Cardinal Camillo Ruini

A statement was released by the Holy See on Wednesday confirming the formation of a commission to investigate the “phenomenon” of Medjugorje.

The Vatican communique reads: “Under the auspices of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, under the presidency of Cardinal Camillo Ruini, an international commission of investigation on Medjugorje has been constituted. Said Commission, composed of cardinals, bishops and experts will work in a reserved manner, subjecting the results of their studies to the authority of the Dicastery.”

Vatican spokesman, Fr Federico Lombardi, said that no other information was available at this point besides the role of Cardinal Ruini as president. However, he did say that the commission will be formed by “more or less” 20 members.

Fr Federico Lombardi

Fr Lombardi

Responding to a question from a journalist about the possible inclusion of Bishop Ratko Peric of Mostar, whose diocese includes Medjugorje, Fr Lombardi said that he is not in possession of a list of members.

The Vatican spokesman reviewed the history of investigations into the possible Marian apparitions of Medjugorje, noting that they began on a diocesan level. When it was seen that the “phenomenon was broader than the diocese,” it was passed on to the episcopal conference of the former Yugoslavia, which, he noted, no longer exists.

The commissions at those levels never came to a conclusion on the question of whether or not the alleged apparitions are supernatural, so the bishops of Bosnia and Herzegovina have asked the CDF to take over investigations, the Vatican spokesman explained.

As the commission carries out their activities, Fr Lombardi continued, they will decide whether or not to communicate information regarding their findings. Nevertheless, it can be assumed that it will be a “very discreet” project “given the sensitivity of the subject,” he remarked.

Speaking in Italian, he said to expect that investigations will take “a good while” to reach their completion and emphasized that the results of the commission’s activities will be submitted to the CDF, under whose mandate they are operating. The commission will only offer their technical findings to the Congregation, which in turn will “make decisions on the case.”

For now, the composition of the commission is “reserved,” as is the method they will pursue in their investigations, Fr Lombardi said in closing.

Cardinal Schoenborn speaks about Medjugorje again

(Source: Children of Medjugorje October Newsletter)

The International Retreat for Priests at Ars (France) was a great success! 1,200 priests came from 75 different countries, happy to put themselves under the wings of Cardinal Schonborn of Vienna, Austria. Not later than in the first day (Sept 29), the Cardinal didn’t hesitate to mention Medjugorje. Here are his words:
“Let us speak about the Sacrament of Reconciliation. Sr Faustina calls Confession “the Court of Mercy”. What is it about this Sacrament in our lives as priests and Bishops and also in our pastoral work? How can we not pose this question to ourselves here in Ars? In our countries of Europe, but for some exceptions, I have the impression that the practice of this Sacrament enormously regressed and in certain areas almost disappeared.

There are certainly bastions of confession today. I think particularly of Medjugorje. I dare speak of that because for 28 years it has become one of the greatest bastions of Confession. Thousands, thousands, thousands of people go to Confession!

I recall simply to clarify. What does the Church say about it? Just to reiterate between parenthesis: The official position of the Episcopal Conference of ex-Yougoslavia and also of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith stated:

“Non constat de supernaturalitate”. It means that it is not sure that it is supernatural, but it is not excluded. It remains open. The jugement of the Church is not pronounced yet. (There are three possibilities: “Constat de supernaturalitate”, “Non constat de supernaturalitate”, and “Constat de non supernaturalitate”.)

For the moment the Church has not made a pronouncement, but she says two other things:

– Since Medjugorje is not officially approved by the Church, one cannot organize an official pilgrimage. (See PS1)

– Since there are many faithful who go to this place, it is opportune that one takes care of the pilgrimage pastorally, and that one pastorally accompanies the faithful in this step. This is what has happened for the past 28 years.

Certainly our places of pilgrimage are bastions (strongholds) for Confession. This is my experience, and that of many of my brother priests who exercised the ministry of Confession in places of pilgrimage. But especially in Medjugorje, they were overwhelmed by the experience of Confession.” (Translated from French)

These words from Cardinal Schonborn were spoken in the full assembly of the priests. They are recorded and filmed, and the CD and DVDs will be soon available to all (See Those who have suffered for Medjugorje these last months because of some confusion in the Media, will find here a good reason to take heart again! (See PS1)

Interview of Fr. Petar by the founder of Community of Caritas of Birmingham


What follows is an excerpt of the interview of Fr. Petar by A Friend of Medjugorje. Fr. Petar is the priest chosen by the Medjugorje visionary Mirjana to reveal the secrets publicly to the world when that time would come.

A Friend of Medjugorje: Fr. Petar, what is your connection to the Medjugorje apparitions?
Fr. Petar: From the very beginning, I am following what is happening in Medjugorje. For me, they are a great gift from Heaven now-a-days or in our tough times. I know thousands, if not millions, of people who found God there and who have converted. And then about some examples of conversions I have written in some of my books. I do agree with those that say that Medjugorje is truly a miraculous spot. The atmosphere of prayer is so potent there. The grace is really operative, and of worth there and big – and it’s manifested in healings and also in conversions.

A Friend of Medjugorje: Fr. Petar, your future is connected to Medjugorje (a connected role in the future). Can you explain a little bit about that?

Fr. Petar: Maybe you are talking about one of the visionaries that has chosen me to reveal the secrets. Is that what you are asking?

A Friend of Medjugorje: Correct – yes!

Fr. Petar: That is Mirjana – she is a visionary. We don’t know when that will take place. She received from Our Lady ten secrets. She has also received a parchment that is not from this world, but something Our Lady gave her and on it are the ten secrets. They are written right there. When the time comes for the secrets to be released, rather the first secret, ten days before, she will give me this parchment and then I will then be able to read the first secret and then, along with her, I will fast for seven days and pray. Then I would be able to reveal it to the world what will take place: where, how, and how long. That is before every secret. The first two secrets are warnings; especially they are for the people of Medjugorje because Our Lady first appeared there. When that takes place, the first two secrets, then it will be clear to everyone that Our Lady was truly there. The third secret will be an undestroyed (indestructible) sign that will take place on the Mountain of Apparitions, in the place where Our Lady first appeared. That sign will be a great joy for all those who have believed that She is there all along. And it will be a last call to those who have not converted, and did not hear Her messages. But it is not wise to wait for that sign. This is a moment of conversion. This is a time for prayer. This is the time for our spiritual cleansing. This is the time to decide to live for God, for Jesus Christ. Therefore, we call this time, a time of grace. That is what I can say about the secrets. Therefore we need to take advantage of this time in order to be ready to meet Our Lady with Her secrets. That is my duty to tell people, that they should not be surprised over anything.

A Friend of Medjugorje: You mentioned the last call to the people – what do you mean by that? What does that mean? The sign would be the last call to convert and what does that mean?

Fr. Petar: You should not really take that to the words that I used, but that it actually simply means that it is the last chance to turn to God and to be changed, to be converted. For some it can be the last call of the message that I will convey to the world. Therefore, I am referring to the Medjugorje apparitions here. Twenty-seven years and four months and several days that Our Lady’s appearing. This is the time of grace and the time of continual conversion, the call to conversion. When we say that it may be too late for somebody, because if God is giving you grace today that you would be converted, but you don’t take advantage of it, you are postponing it. But then the question becomes, when again will you have that grace? And in that sense I say that it would be the last call.

A Friend of Medjugorje: Fr. Petar, have you thought about how you will release the first secret? How will that happen?

Fr. Petar: I will first tell my closest and intimate friends. They would be ready and pray. And, of course, through the internet, television, and radio now-a-days and satellite. I believe that that would be the easiest duty. For me, it is most important that people would be ready. This is the desire of Our Lady and of Her Divine Son. For two thousand years we hear the echo of His words, “I am returning soon,” but do not ask when that is going to be, what you should ask yourself is, “Am I ready?” And that is what is important. When He will come, will He find us worthy and ready? We will be called blessed then. If we are not ready right now, we have little time to do it. But we should not permit that we would be caught by surprise. And then on that given moment, we would not know what to do. Just as in the Gospel, the five unwise virgins, who were waiting for the bridegroom and were not ready, for they had no oil in their torches. Therefore, this means you are waiting for the Lord, but you haven’t got any good deeds. You have been waiting for Him, but you have nothing to wait for Him for. Therefore, we must be ready. If we are ready, then there is no problem for us. We have already found the closeness of God and His presence. And for that reason, I personally believe that Our Lady has remained with us for all of this time, for all of us to be awake, so that all of us would believe and then be converted. And that would be grace for us.

A Friend of Medjugorje: What is the purpose of Our Lady letting us know there are secrets years before the contents are released?

Fr. Petar: First of all, Our Lady speaks of the secrets very little. But we do ask Her or ask others or ask ourselves when will that take place? The secrets will be revealed when the time comes for that. And what is important is that She is appearing and giving us these messages. Naturally, here are the messages for the entire mankind that is for the salvation of mankind. Therefore, I always put an accent on this time of grace which is given to us for conversion and for accepting these messages which will help us to convert. I have no desire to scare anyone with these messages. The only one that could be frightened by it is the one that does not believe and has not converted. And in that sense you can accept the meaning of the secrets. She said that She has come in order to help you in these difficult times. Therefore, I want you to know that She said that in My Son you have the solution to all human problems. Therefore, She is calling us to conversion and strong faith, to pray from the heart and penance, to reconcile ourselves with God and with one another, to read the Word of God, to understand that the Holy Mass is the best prayer. It is a sacrament of all sacraments. Therefore that is the path for the healing of mankind and the salvation for all of us. We can, therefore, say that these messages are the messages of love. Our Lady is not warning anybody, but as a mother she is calling us. She is just repeating what Her Divine Son told Her. I think that we should be thankful to Her, and then to take advantage of this time – that we would take the advantage for us and for our own salvation, and the salvation of all those around us.

A Friend of Medjugorje: Fr. Petar, do you have any thoughts of what it will be like after the first secrets or have you thought about that? What are your thoughts?

Fr. Petar: Up to now I have never had any doubts about the apparitions. I believe that they are happening, even though I have had some good reasons to doubt at times, but I never did. I do believe to the extent that the visionary tells me that what the messages are – are true messages. I was present many times and especially when they had a conversation with Our Lady. There were priests who were asking Mirjana. They said to her, “Mirjana, when it comes to the secrets, there is really nothing there that is of substance.” Somehow, Our Lady just took Her time. And if there will be no secrets or if they will not be revealed, and if I were to say there is nothing of substance to that, then I would say that I was a liar and did not even see Our Lady. I am only bringing or conveying the messages that Our Lady has given me and I have nothing left but to believe that. Whoever wants it, may believe. Who does not want it, doesn’t have to believe.

A Friend of Medjugorje: Have you ever seen the parchment or held the parchment?

Fr. Petar: Some people I know, they did tell me that they have seen it. Personally I never did. Some of her cousins saw it…(because I noticed they were watching something). And Our Lady then said to Mirjana do not show this to anyone yet, until the time of the revelation comes. Mirjana, during the war, was in Sarajevo. When she returned, she forgot the parchment and left it in Sarajevo. A year or two ago a soldier brought it to her with all her belongings that she left behind during the war. She asked him, how did you know this parchment belongs to me. He said, “I had a feeling in my soul that I should bring this to you.” I don’t know what is here, but this is what happens with this parchment. Again, something I would say is miraculous.

A Friend of Medjugorje: Wow, so this man did not know Mirjana?

Fr. Petar: No, he just brought it to her house and that is it. But he didn’t know her in Sarajevo and he didn’t know that she was living in Sarajevo at the time.

A Friend of Medjugorje: What do you feel about the secrets as far as your responsibility? Do you feel that weight on yourself?

Fr. Petar: No, I am not really having any weight on me as far as that goes. I know that there is a whole army of people that are praying for me. I just can’t wait until that will take place. And my point is because of that, many people as possible will be converted. I am always ready on any sacrifice that the Lord would send my way.

A Friend of Medjugorje: How soon do you feel that will be in your heart? Do you have any feelings in your heart when you think that first secret will come?

Fr. Petar: I do have a sense and a feeling that this may come very, very soon, but I really don’t want to speculate or tell dates about it. You can look at the world today and you will see how urgent it is for us to convert and turn to God. The world was never, I would say, sicker and more sinful than it is now-a-days. There were probably never more unoccupied people without a job and poor people as there are now-a-days. We have more and more people who are getting poorer and poorer on a daily basis. And I believe that God is speaking to us through this and He needs to do something for us. He is already doing it. But I also wait for His greater involvement. We must help Jesus. All of us must help Him, that the world will get serious, and that the world would accept the salvation that is being offered through Him. If every heart would open up and would accept Jesus, decide to live for Jesus, that would be the salvation for this world. Then the crisis would do what it is suppose to do for the purpose for which it was sent upon the world. Then this crisis that would end, is calling us to find an exit, that we would find Jesus and that we would live with Him. Our Lady wants all of us to be eternally happy. And all of the people should know that in order that it would be easier for them to decide to live for God.

A Friend of Medjugorje: Well, is there anything you would like to leave us with, Fr. Petar? Anything else on your heart that you feel you need to say to us?

Fr. Petar: I thank you for accepting this conversation. I don’t think this was an accident. We, as Catholics, never experience accidents. We know that the Eternal God is leading this history. He leads every one of us who permits Him to do so. I would like to greet all those who would be listening to this message and through the intercession of Mary, I ask God to bless them. May every moment of their lives be a moment of salvation for them. May they pray in this mode: Oh God, you know what I need. Give me what I need. May I fulfill your will. Give me strength for this moment, for this second and bless this second. Save me now. Save all the people. May you be glorified forever Lord. Thank you! God bless you! Jesus loves you!

A Friend of Medjugorje: Thank you Father for that blessing.

A few words from the Cardinal

(Source: Children of Medjugorje – Sept 2009 Newsletter)

On September 15th, St Stephen’s Cathedral in Vienna, Austria, welcomed the visionary, Marija Pavlovic-Lunetti. The Cathedral, packed with people, hosted a beautiful evening which included Holy Mass and Eucharistic Adoration. It lasted from 4pm to 9:30pm! At the end of the evening a very powerful and happy surprise came when Cardinal Schönborn gave the final benediction to the whole assembly. Afterward, he highlighted the importance of Medjugorje for our times. He told of the graces of liberation obtained in Medjugorje. In particular he featured stories about addictions (drug, alcohol, etc) and the graces that come to those who participate in the life of the Church.

Here are a few words from the Cardinal: “We can give thanks to Our Lord because through His mother, so many people are led to the Love of God, so many conversions happen, people go back to Confession and they develop a love for the Eucharist. Reconciliations happen in families, and some people are cured from drug and other types of addictions. The fact that the mother of God wishes to be so close to all her children is an immense gift. She has already showed this proximity in many places and for many years in a special way in Medjugorje.” (See, 9/16 and 9/18, 2009).

Such events speak for themselves! They spare us fruitless wars against those who publish negativity on Medjugorje. Let us recall here that Cardinal Schönborn is one of the main authors, with Pope JPII, of the Catechism of the Catholic Church.